About Us

Who, What, Where

Mu Sigma Epsilon, or "Mu Sig," is a professional, co-ed music society at the University of Southern California. Mu Sigma Epsilon aims to advance the careers and connections of USC musicians. We value and actively seek diversity within the Thornton family majors and minors: striving for collaboration between classical, jazz, pop, and industry musicians.

Professional and Social Life

As members of Mu Sigma Epsilon, we have professional development meetings once a week. These meetings include learning interview skills, networking tips, resume workshops, mock auditions and more. We also host live performances and concerts, songwriter nights, throughout the year. Like social fraternities, we also have Big Little Night and invite. These events allow us to bond as a group and expand our intra-fraternal lineage. 

Mu Sigma Epsilon Records

One facet of Mu Sig that sets us apart is our record label: Mu Sigma Epsilon Records. We actively search for artists within the organization every semester to foster. Once an artist is under MSE Records, we fundraise to help make a music video, record an album, market them, and throw a launch party.